"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

William Morris, 19th century designer

Decluttering and Organising

  • To help you go through the areas you need help with (mustn't forget the attic!) and work together to decide what to keep, what to give to charity and what to throw out. After the sort, then guide you as to where to put what you’re keeping - seeing the “once in a life time” tidy space, after the declutter and sort, you won’t revert back to how it all was before!

  • If you focus on what you love and want to keep, it is easier to discard and part with the stuff that stifles and burdens.

  • The order of sorting is important, I will work through it methodically with you.

  • Clothes – keeping clothes that don't fit or that you no longer wear or like, can drag you down. Create more valuable space and lift your spirits. For each item, there are 5 options - keep and wear, give to charity/dress agency, sell, mend/clean or throw away only as a last resort.

  • Professional Storage – if you have some of your possessions stored in a secure unit, re-look at what’s being stored and either move it back home or get rid of it. The chances are, you don't need some of it and why pay when you might not need to.

Reasons to choose this service

Changes of circumstances - For many reasons, major life changes, often require significant changes to take place, particular at home. Some, but not all of these are deeply affecting and are treated with empathy, kindness and understanding.

  • Divorce - dividing of contents or organising in an existing or new home

  • Down-sizing - either by choice or necessity

  • Moving - take with you what you want to keep not everything you own

  • Empty nests - this could be children have all left home or moved out or one child leaves home and their space needs clearing or re-configuring for another purpose e.g spare room, study etc

  • Creating a granny/nanny  flat or annexe or reversing the space

  • New tenants

  • House clearance after the death of a loved one

  • Preparing for a new baby - having been a nanny myself, I can advise on what nursery furniture, accessories and clothes to buy as well as plan and organise the space for it all

  • Bedrooms – children growing with changing needs e.g. nursery to young child to teenager

  • Attic and/or basement clearance due to volume of possessions

  • Before major building works take place


Or it might be just the right time to have a home clear-out to create a calm and clutter-free space

Home Staging, Home Styling, Decluttering, Professional Organiser, London
Home Staging, Home Styling, Decluttering, Professional Organiser, London





Home Staging


Home Staging is the art of preparing a home for sale or rental to get its maximum value in the property market.  If a property is not selling or getting many viewings, the market is stagnant or there are too many similar beautifully presented properties on the market, before dropping the price, consider having a professional to see it with new eyes. 

  • If a property is "staged", rather than empty or cluttered, it will sell or let much quicker - in fact 85% of buyers find it easier to visualise a property as their future home when it is staged.

  • Present the property to appeal to as many potential purchasers as possible, by creating a desirable lifestyle.

  • After de-cluttering and de-personalising, the most cost-effective and ideal solution is to use existing furniture and accessories.

  • Maximising space by putting excess furniture and possessions into storage.

  • Re-organising / re-ordering / moving furniture and accessories around for best effect and maximum impact.

  • Any outside space, however small, must not be overlooked or forgotten.

Reasons to choose this service

  • After de-cluttering, depersonalising and organising has taken place

  • Preparing property for private sale or letting – can advise on simple "quick wins"

  • Property presentation for landlords

  • Preparing a room or entire property for Airbnb or similar

Home Staging, Home Styling, Decluttering, Professional Organiser, London
Home Staging, Home Styling, Decluttering, Professional Organiser, London
















Home Styling

For me, the term Home Styling, is more about making sure your home works for you rather than Home Staging which I see more as for someone's elses behalf (e.g. preparing for rent or sale - see above) but of course, there is an overlap!

Reasons to choose this service

  • After decluttering and organising has taken place

  • Helping you with breathe new life into your home or a room, which could be for many reasons

  • Moving in - unpacking and organising

  • Working from home may mean looking at the space you have and re-configuring it to suit the need

  • Children's stuff overwhelming the home!

  • Needing decorating ideas  - colours, paint, wallpaper

  • Or if you have had the same things in the same place for years and want to look at the space with new eyes

Home Staging, Home Styling, Decluttering, Professional Organiser, London
Home Staging, Home Styling, Decluttering, Professional Organiser, London
Home Staging, Home Styling, Decluttering, Professional Organiser, London

Other Services (charges to be discussed)


  • Shredding of confidential material

  • Organising rubbish collection using companies whose ethos is to 100% recycle wherever possible

  • I do not have a licence as a Waste Carrier and therefore unable to take away or dispose of your

discarded items but maybe able to help with a limited number of bags taken to charity.  However, am able

to advise on options.

  • Help in sourcing and choosing furniture, furnishings and accessories

  • Organising charity collection of large furniture, books etc

  • Shopping with you


Trades - e.g. painter, decorator, carpenter, gardener, plumber, handyman, upholsterer

A home photographer

A personal stylist for wardrobe consultation

Home Staging, Home Styling, Decluttering, Professional Organiser, London


FREE - An initial 30 minute telephone conversation with no further commitment

OR a one hour home consultation, charged at £50.00 with no further commitment (£25.00 will be deducted from the first session invoice if booked)

  • £40.00 per hour at property (minimum 3 hours per session) Monday to Friday

  • £50.00 per hour at property (minimum 3 hours per session) Weekends and Bank Holidays

  • £12.00 per hour travel time from my home to the place of work (based on City Mapper on day and time of travel)

  • Travel costs charged at face value of any ticket required (e.g. bus, tube, train) including taxi fares if the place of work is over a mile from the nearest public transport or if dark or isolated and if walking is unsafe

  • Any items purchased, on your behalf, with your prior approval, may be subject to a handling fee

  • £25 per hour working from home - internet sourcing and shopping / shredding confidential material / client admin including emails and calls

The above fees do not include any additional costs for equipment for tidying systems, shelving, organisation items e.g. baskets, folders, hangers etc

Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions / Covid-19 Policy & Procedures describe how Susanna Drew of Home Review, can help you, the client.  It is a requirement that both parties agree to what is included and that both are to be signed prior to any work starting. The documents relate to the following:

  • Deposit

  • Cancellation

  • Advice

  • Handling Goods

  • Removal of items

  • Environment and charity

  • Limits of work

  • Referrals

  • Hours of work

  • Confidentiality

  • Payment terms

  • Covid-19 Policy & Procedures

Terms & Conditions / Covid-19 Policy & Procedures may be subject to change without notice.