"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

William Morris, 19th century designer

Frequently asked questions...but please ask me anything else I may not have covered here.


Decluttering and Organising

I feel overwhelmed and ashamed that I have let my home get the way it has and don't know where to begin, particularly with other family member's things all over the place too

This is a common feeling so you are not alone and plenty of people have gone through the same decluttering process and out the other side with the right help and time to work through it together. The whole family will need to be on board too as otherwise, the end result will not be what you want.

Can I leave you to get on with the job once we have discussed what's needed?

In some cases this is possible, if it is clearing, tidying and re-organising general areas but decluttering is about working together, making decisions, giving advice, helping you decide and working on a project together is positive and motivating for you.  It keeps you focused on the task in a timely way.

Will you make me get rid of things?

No, I won't make you do anything. However, the objective of decluttering and organising is to have less than what you started with, and in many cases, a lot less!  If you want my help, part of that is working with you and deciding what to keep and what to part with. I am also keen to recycle and up-cycle wherever possible and encourage charity donations so as the bare minimum is actually thrown away (i.e. landfill)

I have so much old paperwork, I don't know where to begin

I can help with what you need to keep and what you don't, what can be scanned, what can be shredded and how to organise the "keep" section.

Home Staging and Home Styling

Do I need to spend money hiring furniture and accessories?

Not necessarily. Properties sell quicker if they are furnished, albeit sparsely.  If you still have your own, I may re-arrange the pieces to show the property to its best effect or discuss putting some into storage so the rooms look bigger and buyers can more easily see how their things would work in the property.  Furniture and accessories can often be found at reasonable prices in charity shops to either use with your own things or if the property is already vacant, it may be possible to exclusively use charity shops, Freecycle, Gumtree etc, if appropriate and you are happy to.  

85% of buyers find it easier to visualise a property as their future home when it is staged


How long does it take?

That's a difficult question. It depends on the scale of the project and how quickly we can work together as well as amount of storage space. Of course, I can give you an initial time frame but the time needed may increase. It is for this reason, I charge per hour as this is fairer and more transparent for you.

Where are you based and how far do you travel?

I am based in Kensington and Chelsea (West London) but happy to work within the M25 and further afield if required. I charge travel time and for travel costs as I use public transport.

I am very nervous about having a stranger in my home

I appreciate it is a big step but I have testimonials from happy customers as well as an Enhanced DBS Certificate (formerly CRB). I am also a Licensed Child Chaperone, if there are children at home.

And finally a few questions to ask yourself...and to think about


Why am I considering asking you into my home.  What is my end goal and aspiration for the room / space / home?  How do I want to live?

Am I ready and committed, to start and to finish!? 

What do I like/dislike about my home?  What would I like to change? What works well and what doesn't?

Do I want to feel calmer and more in control?

Will I ever find the time or have the inclination to do it on my own?  Would I enjoy having a second opinion or someone to keep up the momentum?

Why do I need to ask for your help…don’t know how to do it myself or need someone to help keep mental and physical energy going?

Would I like someone else to manage the situation and to keep me on track

I feel overwhelmed by clutter and realise I need a professional to help me

What do I need and what don’t I need, or I am not sure I know the answer!

What do I love and what would I like to get rid of

Is it the right time….am I ready as I know it could be an emotional journey

What have I got in storage as well as in my home – attic / garage / professional storage? 

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